Montag, 17. August 2009

Beyond Semi-Supervised Tracking: Tracking Should Be as Simple as Detection, but not Simpler than Recognition

S. Stalder, H. Grabner, and L. Van Gool
In Proceedings ICCV’09 WS on On-line Learning for Computer Vision, 2009 [pdf] [bibtex]
Download presentation slides [pdf] [ppt]

We present a multiple classifier system for model-free tracking. The tasks of detection (finding the object of interest), recognition (distinguishing similar objects in a scene), and tracking (retrieving the object to be tracked) are split into separate classifiers in the spirit of simplifying each classification task. The supervised and semi-supervised classifiers are carefully trained on-line in order to increase adaptivity while limiting accumulation of errors, i.e. drifting. In the experiments, we demonstrate real-time tracking on several challenging sequences, including multi-object tracking of faces, humans, and other objects. We outperform other on-line tracking methods especially in case of occlusions and presence of similar objects.

Videos and the source code are available on the project homepage.

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